GPS is a system that uses signals from orbiting satellites to determine your approximate location in the world. This system includes both a chip in your Android device and satellites over the earth.

If you have problems with the GPS signal, this can be attributed to a weak GPS signal on your device. Due to the different built-in GPS sensors in every smartphone, we cannot always guarantee the correct recording. However, if the record of the GPS data is incorrect or you cannot get a GPS signal at all, please follow the steps below:

First of all, check whether "High accuracy" is activated in your smartphone's GPS settings.

Deactivate the energy-saving mode and the performance optimization in your device, as this severely limits the GPS sensors.

Make sure that you have set the correct time zone: Open your device's settings and select "Date and time" and make sure that "Autom. Date / Time" and "Autom. Time Zone" is selected. If your smartphone is set to the wrong time zone, it could mean that it takes longer to find the GPS signal.

Record activity for 10 minutes and let the app search for a signal outside under the clear sky. Keep your phone entirely still while doing this.