Connect your TONIT account with Facebook. This will allow you to see which of your Facebook friends are using TONIT. Find your fellow riders on the app and toss them a follow. 

You also have the option to invite riders to use TONIT if they haven’t downloaded the app yet. This is a great way to get all your riding buddies in one place. 

Step 1: Select Search

Along the bottom of your screen you will see a magnifying glass icon. Tap this to search for riders on TONIT. 

Step 2: Tap ‘Use Facebook’

On the search page you will see an option to ‘Use Facebook’. Selecting this will allow you to find riders that you already know on TONIT. 

Step 3: Tap ‘Continue with Facebook’

Step 4: Tap ‘Continue’

You will need to confirm that you are providing approval for TONIT and Facebook to share information. 

Step 5: Tap ‘Open’

If you have the Facebook app downloaded on your device, you will be asked to be redirected from to the app. 

Step 6: Login to Facebook

You will need to confirm that you are allowing TONIT access to your friends list. 

Step 7: Follow and Invite Your Friends

Your friends that are already on TONIT will be listed with ‘Follow’ next to their profile names. Tap ‘Follow’ to begin following them on TONIT. 

You can also tap ‘Invite’ in the bottom right hand corner to share TONIT with riders not yet using the app.