There are meetups, events, and rides happening near you! These events are planned and created by riders, and are a great way to build connections within your community. You can look through a diverse list of events within your area and see which ones sound exciting to attend. There are evening rides, weekend rides, events hosted at venues, and so much more. Many of these meetups and events are free to attend, all you need to do is find one that fits your needs and RSVP! We’ll walk you through the steps on how to RSVP to a meetup below.

Step 1: Search on the Meetups tab to find events in your area


Navigate to the meetups tab and browse the events and rides taking place in your area. You’ll automatically see meetups taking place in the location you have set in your profile. 


Don’t see anything in your immediate area? Zoom out and move around the map to explore meetups, events and rides in surrounding areas. 


You can also plan your own!

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Step 2: Search for a Meetup, Ride or Event you would like to attend


Key meetup information is displayed at the bottom of your screen. There are two ways to check out meetups in your area. 


1) You can scroll through events at the bottom of your screen to see more meetups you may be interested in.  

2) Move around the map and tap on the meetup pins. The selected meetup key details will show up at the bottom of your screen.


Next, select the event or ride you would like to learn more about or attend by tapping on the photo.

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Step 3: Tap “RSVP For This Event”


You can check out further event details after clicking the event photo on the meetups tab. Learn about the event and if you would like to attend, Tap “RSVP For This Event.” You can also invite other riders to join you!


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Step 4: Tap Going


To confirm your attendance, tap ‘Going’.

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Voila! You are now RSVP’d to a meetup!


You can see all the meetups on your calendar within the “My List” tab. 


Once you’ve RSVP’d you can chat with other riders who will be attending the meetup, event or ride. 


You will also be notified automatically of any event time changes or cancellations. 


Learn more about how to create your own event.

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