You found an event that you want to attend? If you're subcribed to TONIT Full Throttle, you can join unlimited events. On the free version, you can RSVP to 1 event per calendar month.

Here's how to RSVP:

For new events that you haven't RSVP'd to yet

  1. Find the location of the event on the map. You might have to press Reload Events to refresh the selected map portion.
  2. Tap to select it and press the event picture at the bottom to open the event details.
  3. Press RSVP For This Event.
  4. Choose between Going, Interested or Not Going.

For events that you have already RSVP'd to

  1. Find the event on the map or in the My List tab on the Events screen.
  2. Open the event details and press the button that says either Interested or Going.
  3. Choose between Going, Interested or Not Going.