To create a meetup, just follow the steps below:

  1. Step 1: Tap the + Icon

    Navigate to the Meetups page and tap the “+” icon. 


    Step 2: Tap 'Event/Meetup'

    Tap 'Event/Meetup' once the menu expands. 

    How To  Create an Event

    Step 3: Add Location of Your Meetup/Event

    Once you start typing in the location field, a list of locations will begin to appear. Select the address that best matches your meetup/event location.


    Adding a location is important as other riders will know where to meet and anyone close to you will see the event posted in their local feed.



    Step 4: Fill in Meetup/Event Title & Description

    Give your event, ride, or meetup a title and let other riders know what they can expect from attending.


    Step 5: Add a Photo

    Tap the photo icon and select 'Choose from device' or 'Take a picture' to add a photo to your meetup/event. This is your opportunity to visually showcase what your meetup is all about. 


    *Note: 1 picture is needed to create your meetup. Photo size is 1920px x 1080px.


    Step 6: Select Meetup Date and Time

    Add in the start date and time for your meetup along with an end date and time. Kick-stands-up time is optional - but a nice touch!


    Step 7: Click Save

    Once you have added in all your information, tap "✓" in the top right hand corner to save your meetup/event.


    Done - Your Meetup/Event is Live!

    Voila! Your meetup/event is live and has been published to the Local feed. You can now start inviting riders directly to your meetup and share the meetup directly to your clubs within the app.


    You can even share to other social media channels or in a text by tapping the ‘⋯’ in the top right hand corner and selecting “Get a link”. 


    Start planning your next Meetup/Event!