To create an event, you need to be subscribed to TONIT Full Throttle. Watch the video, or follow the steps below to add your event:

  1. Navigate to the map screen.
  2. Press the + icon in the bottom right corner.
  3. Press the calendar icon.
  4. Select a location by typing or press Select Location on Map to drag and drop the pin on the map.
  5. Fill in the event's title and description
  6. Add up to 3 pictures to your event. (1 picture is mandatory to create the event)
  7. Select the meet up date and time (Kick-Stands-Up time is optional).
  8. Select the end date and time (default is 2 hours)
  9. Press Create Event

Learn more about how to edit your event.

Learn more about how to cancel your event.

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