The Sharing function is beneficial in many different ways. Generally, it allows you to create a direct link to your publicly available content so that another user can directly access it.

Take a look at the following examples:

Invite friends to TONIT

Easily invite friends who aren't on TONIT to download the app and see your content.

Invite other TONIT users to a Club

Share a direct link with other TONIT users to invite them to a Club.


Share your posts within TONIT

Share the link to your content in a Direct Message inside the app.


Share your posts outside of TONIT

Share the content you create in TONIT with friends outside the app.


Privacy matters

Our users’ privacy is important to us, so for now you’ll only be able to share your own content. The team will continue to work on the Share feature to expand the possibilities!

Let us know what other ways you're using to share your TONIT experiences with, and ride safe!