From time to time you might have to log back in to your TONIT account for security purposes. In case you haven't enabled the Remember me function, please consider checking the tick box on the Login screen so the app remembers your credentials.

Depending how you originally signed up, there are different scenarios how you can log back in:

1) Email address and password

You can reset the password for your account from the Login screen by pressing Already have an account and then Forgot your Password?

2) Login with Facebook

If you initially logged in with to TONIT with your Facebook credentials, you'll have to press Continue with Facebook and then confirm the next steps by pressing Continue again.

3) Login with Apple ID

If you initially logged in with to TONIT with your Apple ID, you'll have to press Sign in with Apple ID and then confirm the next steps.

If you're unsure what email you've used or haven't received the password reset email shortly after, please check your spam folder first. 

Still can't log in? We're here to help, please contact us and we'll get you back into your account right away.